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New Year, New Brows

Clients often ask, what type of brow will suit me best. They are a number of different types of brow treatments which I will explain.

I do say try them all with different colour combinations and you will find the treatment that you will love.

If you are looking to get something more permanent and you don't have much of a brow, I would suggest to try lamination and henna first. These will give you an idea of your shape and the look you want to go for. Lamination can look like hair strokes and henna can look like shading.

This is also the way to go if you really want to get semi permanent brows done and are a bit nervous about what shape it will give you. These are your brows so you can have whatever shape and colour you like.

Ok, so let's go through the different types of brows and what they can do for you.

We will start with the simple threading or waxing.

Whether you are looking for a subtle reshape

Or Just wanted to get the brows tamed.

Or wanting your brows defined.

This treatment will remove any unwanted hair. You can have your brows as full or as skinny as you like. I always think, the less hair you take off the better as this gives you a more natural look, however at the end of the day it's what you love.

With threading, thread is twisted and the loop takes the hair out from the roots. This way of hair removal usually lasts much longer than any other form of hair removal. As only a thread is used, there are no harsh chemicals which does not irritate the skin making it great for clients who have sensitivities.

With waxing, a soft strip wax is used. A technique of precision waxing is used to remove the hair. A great option if you find threading to be painful.

Let's go to tinting next. I used to called this treatment 'Maz Brow' as this treatment is designed by me for you. The colour mixture and design of brows is created with your preference and style.

On the online booking system it is called HD brows/Eyebrow Design as this is what most clients refer to these brows as.

A colour that makes the brows full and natural.

Different colours are used to create the same colour brow.

Shape of the brow can be defined

The tint system I use is bespoke to you. No one's brow colour is the same. We all have different hair types and structure so I use different combinations to get this perfect for you whether you are looking for light or dark tint and anything in between.

I can go through all the colour options with you and you can let me know what you like.


You can fill out skinny brows.

You can get your own natural brows to sit well.