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Welcome to the most thorough specialised threading courses you will find.


Threading is an art form that has been used to remove facial and body hair for centuries, way before waxing even existed!

My experience of threading from a young age has given me the expertise to teach all aspects.



This course is Beauty Approval Industry accredited which means you will be able to get insurance after completing the syllabus and access to other courses on taking part in this course. No other experience is required.

What you will learn

  • Shaping eyebrows

  • How to hold the skin when threading on different areas of the face so there are no cuts.

  • How not to break hair when threading.

  • How to learn the correct threading method for you

  • How to hold your thread.

  • How to stand when threading.

  • Picture taking skills.

  • The use of different threads on different skin textures and hair strength.

The in person specialised threading course is the only course you will ever need to become an expert threader.

There are 2 options:

1. You learn threading from the basic (full day) includes 6 Months support for assessment

2. I look at your threading technique and improve it. (half day) includes 3 Months support for assessment. 



Whether you want to learn for yourself or want to upskill as a student or beautician this is your masterclass unique to you.


Acquire the tips and tricks, the knowledge and the products throughout this series, to deliver results like you dream of.


  • Depending on the masterclass you choose. You will learn:

  • - Eyebrow shaping

  • - Different ways of threading

  • - Facial threading

  • - The consultation process and much more

Click the link below


Why choose the online masterclass:

  • - You will be learning the tips and tricks by Munaza who learnt this technique at a very early age from her grandmother. With 10 years experience now in the eyebrow business. She gives you all the tips and tools needed to accelerate in threading.

  • - The Online Masterclass is for anyone wanting to learn or advance their skills in threading.. You do not need any certification to complete this course!

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