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How to use The Potion - Eyebrow Therapy to Grow and Enhance your brows

When and how to use The Potion

Use twice daily morning and evening if you are looking to grow your eyebrows.

Use once daily in the evening with your skincare routine if you are looking to hydrate your brows (especially if you have henna or lamination done as The Potion conditions the hair),promoting healthy hair growth and to slow down the process of premature greying of the brows. It has calming properties, so it's also great to apply before going to bed.

Take it away on holidays especially if you have semi permanent brows as it acts as a sun block.

Here are some videos on how to use the potion with your skincare and brow routine (videos are also on Instagram)

How to use The Potion with just your brow products

How to use The Potion in the morning with your makeup routine.

Video on how to use The Potion with your evening skincare.

If you've come to the end, thank you for listening and your unconditional support :)

To buy The Potion, head over to the website and enter FREESHIPPING to get yours.


Maz x


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