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This week at TBM

Monday is the last day of 30 Eyebrow Growth Challenge.

How did you get on? Did you see a difference? For my beauts who purchased The Potion, reply to this email for a complimentary eyebrow treatment.

What I've discovered is if you have any underlying conditions i.e. vitamin deficiencies or hormonal issues, we need to get these sorted and use the potion in conjunction with our treatment to get the most out of it.

Threading Training

My training is very unique in that teach you every single aspect to be the best. I use different threads depending on hair type and thickness, I teach you about pressure. It's all there. I love to spread the love of threading. It's an amazing skill to add to your services.

Fair Brows

Clients who have fair Brows always say they have none! Well I've got news for you beauties, you damn well do. Book an appointment either HD or regular shape and I can show you how to get the best out of your beautiful eyebrows.


Yes I tint lashes and do weekend lashes. Weekend lashes are the ones that last a few days. When booking the weekend lashes appointment, let me know what size you like .


You can get dry brows with lami if you do not care for them. The best way to get the most of your lami brows is to as follows, apply the aftercare I give you until it finishes nightly and then use a hair mask or The Potion daily to keep them hydrated. This will ensure that your brows do not dry and they are in top condition.

Tinting Brows

On the online booking, book HD brows/Brow Design. If you only book the brow shape, I will only have time for this as every treatment has a different time slot.

I will also ask you what colour you like and will advise on what colour is best to go for to suit you and your brows. We all have different tones so the colour for everyone is different. There is not just black and brown!

Finding it difficult to choose your eyebrow treatment?

I would advise to try them all, tinting, henna, lamination to find out what suits you best. Even try different colours until you find the perfect brow you love.

Have no brows?

Before you begin your journey into the semi permanent brows, henna is a great treatment to get, this is so you get a feel of the shape and colour and I also get to understand what type of colour and shape you like.

Hope that was all helpful.

Brow Love

Maz xx

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