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Product Launch and Official Opening Of The Brow Movement

I'm so excited to share the news of my product creation.

This product has been 2 years in the making to give you the best natural potion to grow your eyebrows.

Remember when I shaved off my eyebrows for the Mayo Roscommon Hospice. I used this potion to grow back my eyebrows.

It's base is castor oil with other essential oils. On top of stimulating your brow growth, it has extra benefits of having anti-inflammatory properties, protects against sun damage, improves hydration and has calming properties.

The official launch date is 8th April. Online sales go live from 12pm and Launch Party is in the evening at 7pm at the salon. A launch offer will go live at 12pm

I'm really looking forward to seeing you then.

Below is the link to the event.

Maz xxx

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