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Tweezing your brows at home during Quarantine

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

So for some people, this may be one of the things you freak out about as you haven't a clue where to begin.

I will go through how to groom and shape your brows in 2 easy steps at home without the need for using hair removal creams or wax.

Firstly, What you need: Angled tweezers, clean mascara brush and scissors (small nail ones)

Step 1: Tweezing

Take your mascara brush and brush your brows upwards. You will see where the hair needs removing just by doing this. If you like to place your pinky finger under your brow bone, this will give you an indication of where to remove hair. If you are still unsure about what hairs to remove, stick to taking hairs only from the swiggy?soft part of the brow. Just be careful not to get tweezer happy and remove too much. If you feel you shouldn;t take it off then dont remove it :)

Hold the tweezers so the shorter side is facing downwards and tweeze in the direction your hair comes out. If this is done correctly, you wont get black dots or broken hair.

If required you can tweeze the top of your brows as this gives the brow a more defined look. Use the front thickness as a guide, brush your hair downwards and tweeze any strays.

Step 2: Trimming

Brush the brows upwards and carefully trim the top of your brow. An indication of how much to trim is if they stick out, out of your brow shape. Brush the hair downwards and trim the long hair.

Here are some videos:

What tweezers to use

How to groom and shape in 2 steps

Munaza Gilmore

Threading and BrowExpert | Treatments | Teaching

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