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Face creams can be harming your Eyebrows

We all know that a great eyebrow shape can make us feel one in a million. Small tweeks, a little tint can make all the difference.

Eyebrow maintenance is important to having your brows looking amazing always. However, there are a few things to remember when looking after our brows.

So let's talk skin care and brows. When you are using your skincare be mindful not to put your creams in your brows. Just because it's good for the skin, doesn't mean it's good for the brows.

If you are applying your creams to the eyebrows, you need to put a halt to that. The skin under our brows is much delicate to the rest of our face. Creams which have high concentration of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, hydrocortisone can stop eyebrow growth. These can soften out the eyebrow hair and cause breakage of your hairs.

To get the most of your Brows hydration is key. You need a serum that will prevent drying out and eyebrow breakage. The Potion is the ideal product that would hydrate your brows. The natural ingredients have the power to make your brows look and feel amazing. This product will moisturise your hairs which will make your Brow hairs look thicker and softer.

If you are using the Potion as part of your skincare routine, use it at night as the last thing you do.

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