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Other Treatments

phinjection before and after.jpg


- Phinjection is a technique based on generating enough pressure to launch hyaluronic acid preparations into human skin.


- The Phinjection Pen device is designed to force liquid through its specially-designed ampoule with micro holes, generating an ultra fine stream of liquid able to penetrate the skin.


- It is considered non-invasive because it does not contain needles.

- Using this technique, three types of treatment can be done:

smoothing appearance of the nasolabial folds 


lip volume augmentation


- This new technique for injecting hyaluronic fillers is completely needle-free. Meaning less pain, less stress for needle phobia clients and less risk of tissue damage.


​- One of the other advantages with Phinjection aside from there being no needles is that the results are instantly visible.


​- Depending on the skin type and depending how many ml are used on a specific area.


Nose Waxing

- Using the safest most malleable wax to get rid of those pesky nostril hairs. 


Weekend Lashes

- Dream weekend lashes. You have a choice of short, medium and long.


- Perfect for that special party and a girly weekend away.

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