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Online Brow Series

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This Brow Series gives you the knowledge of how to do your brows at home with confidence. We all need our brows done during lockdown or the times we cannot get to the salon.


These one to one sessions are recorded that you can watch over again so you can get the best eyebrows that you will love. Great when we are afraid that we may tweeze the wrong part.

Series 1 

Tweezing and shaping your brows from anywhere in the world

How do you feel about a one to one session with me teaching you to get rid of those pesky brow hairs you can't stand at the minute.


- 20 minutes zoom call

- Showing you how to tweeze and shape your eyebrows with the tools you have at home.


Cost of service €20 

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Series 2 

Tinting at home

This includes:

- 30 minutes zoom call

- I post you out your specific tint and we go through the whole process together.


Cost of service - €30

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Series 3

 Growing your eyebrows in lockdown

 Looking for the ultimate brow growth programme?


If your brows don't grow, this is the perfect solution for you. In this 4 week programme you will get to the reason of thining hair or no hair.


With the help of my unique grow potion and a few tweeks, we will get to your best brows.

The series is completely bespoke to your requirements.


Want to learn to tint your brows too, it's all in this programme.

Clients who have already bought the grow potion get €30 off the programme.


- 4 week programme will be held on zoom of 30 minute sessions.

- Cost of service €200

Grow Potion

The ultimate solution to grow and thicken your eyebrows.

Handmade with my formula that has worked on my clients for 10 years.

90% of clients have said their brows have become fuller and thicker with regular use.


Potion price €20 plus p&p


Join the one to one growth programme to get the most out growing your brows and getting to their fabulous shape. (link to growth programme)

Grow Potion
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