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There are many different brow shapes and treatments for each and every one of us.

Check out my menu below or if you are unsure, contact me here and we can go through your ideal brow treatment.



- Safest method of brow grooming

- Suitable for those who struggle with

folliculitis and post wax break outs

- Hair is lifted directly from the root giving you a longer lasting result 


Eyebrow Waxing

- Needs to be done every 2-3 weeks depending on hair growth

- Suitable for those that don't like threading or tweezing


Eyebrow Tinting / Brow Design

- Used to shape and define brows

- Colour can last from 2 to 6 weeks depending on skin and how you look after them

- Tinting can be done over the entire brow or just in the parts where more fulness is needed

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Henna Brows

- Form of eyebrow tinting that uses a plant based dye

- Suitable for those with very sensitive skin​

- Henna covers grey hairs very well and lasts on the skin


Eyebrow Lamination

- Enables hairs to be redirected into a fuller shaped brow

- Great for those who want the fluffy look

- Straightens curly or wirey hairs

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Phibrows Microblading

- Creates precise hair like strokes that looks like real hair, which is semi permanent

- Phibrows uses your own hair growth pattern to create your perfect brow look

- Amazing for clients who want their brows looking like they didn't get anything done


Magic Shading

- Type of eyebrow tattooing technique which is semi permanent 

- Gives you the henna or tint look without you having to fill them in

- Lasts between 12 to 28 months


Man Bar

- Brow tidy up that looks natural and groomed, bespoke to your needs 

Tattoo Removal

Decomposes the old tattoo using a saline solution.

Rejuvenates the skin under the tattoo after treatment and may help brow growth.

Can be done on small tattoos, eyebrows, lips and eye liner.

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