About Me


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Munaza Gilmore

Founding Director


With 10 years in styling eyebrows, Munaza learned the technique from her grandmother at a very young age and has now become renowned in Mayo and Roscommon for her threading and brow artistry skills.

If you struggle with getting the best shape for you, Munaza specialises in getting your eyebrows grown and creating the brows you will love forever.

Do you struggle to get what you want for your eyebrows? Are you not listened to when you ask for what you want? Through my experience, knowledge and qualifications i hear your unsaid words.


Here are some of your dilemmas I can fix 


 I dont have any eyebrow 

 My eyebrows don't grow

 I have sparse eyebrows

 One of my eyebrows is shorter than the other

 One of my eyebrows is higher than the other

 I do not know what looks good on my eyebrows

 I don't know how to fill in my eyebrows

 My eyebrows don't grow

 My eyebrows are disappearing as I'm getting older

 My old tattooed eyebrows have faded to a different colour

 I have too many gaps in my eyebrows

 My eyebrow scar annoys me and i don't know how to do my brows because of it

If you feel any of the above relate to you contact me for a free no obligation consultation.


Looking forward to making you feel your best

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